Give you and your car a spa treatment


Next time you hit up an Iowa City hair salon to get your legs waxed, consider your car, too.

Or maybe when you need some fresh polish on your nails, think about your rims. Don’t forget shampooing either, for your hair and carpet.

Doug Warner, who owns Twin Image Spa Salon with his wife, Laura, said his business is taking full-service to the next level.

Recently, the pair bought an old car rental facility at 824 Orchard St. and converted it into TI Auto Spa, located just behind the salon at 121 W. Benton St.

Warner said that when clients come in for lengthy salon services, they can pamper their car at the same time. They simply request what they want for their carat the same time they make their other appointments.

The auto spa also is open to people who aren’t clients of Twin Image and are just looking for a car detailing business, Warner said.

“You can get your car spa’d,” he said.

Warner has one full-time employee right now who does car detailing for salon clients. Soon he said he’d like to hire a few more summer employees to help, possibly high school-age students.

Services range from simple vacuuming, window-washing and dash-cleaning to waxing, stain removal and vent cleaning, Warner said.

“It seems to me there is a fair amount of clients interested in this,” he said.

Warner said part of his business philosophy is to keep things new and fresh for his customers. Along with the auto spa, he said the shampoo and cutting areas of the salon are getting a new look.

“I’m kind of constantly doing renovation,” Warner said.

Twin Image has been around for 32 years and started as a small barber shop with just three employees. It now has 35 employees and has won numerous national awards through the years, Warner said.

He said the auto spa was a great new venture to take on. He said in the past week, about a half-dozen cars already have been in.

Warner said he’s still working to put up signs and put together a menu of car services.

“We’ve got all the equipment, we’re ready to rock,” he said.

by Kathryn Flegen

Iowa City Press-Citizen


Posted on April 22, 2008 .